Move Your Music Forward In Recovery

A six-week* group coaching program for musicians & performing artists who are ready to step into their dreams of music.

Next Group Starts Monday, November 7 2022*

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What is included in this program?

    • Weekly group coaching sessions
    • 2 one-hour individual coaching sessions with Skip
    • Access to group texts and private Facebook group
    • Email and text support from Skip
    • Creativity workbook
    • Lifetime connection with other musicians and artists in recovery

Register by October 22nd and receive *two weeks free!

What is this Program About?

In 2002, I closed my recording studio to use drugs full-time. When I got sober 4 years later, I couldn't play the piano, sing, or even make the simplest chord. Reclaiming my creativity meant starting over and making amends with my muse. Many addicts/alcoholics I have worked with played music throughout their addictions, and they feared their creativity would disappear if they got clean. Still, some people discovered joy in playing music for the first time only after getting sober. There is one thing that we all have in common: music is a part of our identity, regardless of how we've discovered our passion. 

Since I started this process in 2006, my music dreams have manifested in a variety of forms. It has been my privilege to score several award-winning films; to perform in professional musicals; to co-found an elementary school dedicated to performing arts; to produce and record many studio tracks; to join a band with other recovering musicians; and to study tap with a world-renowned dancer/teacher for 18 months in New York. It's been 16 years since I've been working on this process alone, and one of the greatest rewards has been the opportunity to help other creatives in recovery just like me, people just like you.

So that you don't have to spend 16 years figuring things out, It's my mission share this life-changing adventure with you. It doesn’t matter if you are are a hobbyist or pursuing a professional career, the Move Your Music Forward In Recovery program can launch you on your journey and help you live your dream!

Schedule a Dream Mapping call with Skip and lets discover the truth that inspires the artist within you. The purpose of dream mapping is to visualize what your future will look like, what your major goals are, and how you will achieve them.

What will I get out of the coaching program? 
During our six weeks together, you will learn new tools that will help you:

    • Choose the next destination of your music dreams
    • Quiet the mental noise and clear the space to create 
    • Clarify your goals and map out a practical plan of action 
    • Acclimate your tools of recovery to navigate the journey in a non-sober environment 
    • Step into your life as a musician with commitment, confidence, and courage
    • Find new connections with other musicians and artists in recovery

*Schedule a Dream Mapping call with Skip and receive two extra weeks free if registrant completed by Oct 21, 2021!

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*Two weeks free starts Oct 24th and includes a group session and a personal goal setting session with Skip. Registration must be completed by Oct 22, 2022.

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